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Our highly sought after program is provided to schools, companies, non-profits, churches and private institutions of any size. We will analyze and discuss site security as well as the interior and exterior design features to help minimize opportunities for perpetrators to access you location. We will provide in depth training to management and staff members with regard to the "run-hide-fight" principle and cater each consultation to the specific location or locations where the training program is to take place.


Our consultants hold multiple certifications as instructors with such organizations as International Crime Free Association, ALICE Active Shooter Preparedness Training, Active Violence Emergency Response Training (AVERT) and the US Department of Homeland Security. The consultation usually takes approximately two hours to complete and includes a training session utilizing a mixture of lectures, PowerPoint, videos and group discussions. The certified instructors can also provide a full site threat assessment and crime prevention through environmental design consultation upon request.

To schedule a presentation or full consultation please contact us via email at

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