Shooting Target

Garett Maxwell


Garett is currently a Police Corporal assigned to a patrol shift. Prior to his promotion, he was an investigator working in a specialized unit working for a municipal law enforcement agency. He has over 12 years experience as a police officer in California. During his law enforcement career, he worked several special assignments including:


  • Range master / firearms instructor

  • Defensive tactics instructor

  • Federal Task Force Investigator

  • Taser instructor

  • SWAT Team member

  • ​Neighborhood Policing Unit


Garett has obtained several P.O.S.T. Instructor certificates including firearms Pistol / Rifle / Shotgun Instructor, Weaponless Defense Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, and TASER instructor. He is an armorer for both Glock pistols and AR rifle platforms. Additionally, he is an NRA certified basic pistol instructor.


Outside the Law Enforcement realm, Garett is a nationally ranked USPSA competitor who shoots in both handgun and other multi-gun competitions.